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As a Legal Associate at Luqman Iswatt & Partners, Arifah Zakiah Badruzzaman handles cases and provides legal advice to our esteemed clients with utmost professionalism and proficiency. In 2019, Arifah served as a pupil at Messrs Asmah, Juhaida & Partners where she received the mentorship of experienced legal practitioners.

She subsequently joined the same firm as a Paralegal in 2021 before becoming a Legal Associate at Messrs Shima & Co. Most recently, Arifah was a Legal Associate with Messrs Ranjit Singh Sandhu & Co, accumulating valuable experience and know-how in handling debt recovery actions, accidents matters, civil and criminal litigation.

Bringing youthful energy and a fresh new dynamic to the firm, Arifah is more than just a bright prospect but an integral part of our team.